I enjoy flying under Visual Flight Rules, or VFR.  Part of the allure of flight is seeing the world from a perspective not available in a purely two dimensional world.  VFR flight provides this perspective.  VFR flight is done largely by reference to the natural horizon and the ground below.  VFR flight though does have certain limitations - namely weather constraints. 

For two years I have been considering an Instrument Rating.  Flight by Instrument Flight Rules, or IFR,  is done solely by reference to the aircraft flight instruments.  There are a number of reasons I want to do this.  Two of those reasons are to increase my skill set by acquiring new piloting skills, and to expand the availability of flight when the clouds and weather would otherwise keep me on the ground. 

Two weeks ago I decided to pursue the Instrument Rating.  By all accounts, the Instrument rating is tough.  This endeavor will require at least 35 hours of instruction (likely more).  The flying is far more precise than I have done to date.  After just two flight lessons, I am learning to control the aircraft with the slightest of control pressures and to maintain attitude, altitude, and course to tighter tolerances than I ever imagined could be done.  Then, in preparation for the knowledge test, there are a myriad of subjects to study and absorb.  There will be weeks (if not months) of studying and practicing in preparation for the knowledge test and check ride.

The whole idea of trying to accomplish this is at the same time both daunting and exciting.  As time permits, I will attempt to chronicle the high points of the journey.  I suspect there will be very few photos though - as I cannot see outside the cockpit :-)
10/30/2011 12:03:36 am

Good luck with everything! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes.


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