Today was a bit overcast with scattered rain showers.  With an Instrument instruction flight already scheduled, I had hoped for the opportunity to get some actual IFR time, but that was not to be today.  I did get 1.5 Simulated in the books.

We departed Robins Runway 33 - another zero/zero takeoff (under the hood).  Upon reaching pattern altitude I made a left turn to 230 degrees.  The No.1 Nav radio was already tuned to the MCN VOR and the OBS set on the 180 degree radial.  The No. 2 NAV was tuned to the VNA VOR and the OBS set to 140 degrees.
I tracked outbound from Robins to intercept the 180 radial, then track it south and pick up the 140 radial of the Vienna VOR (VNA).  Then a left turn to track the VNA 140 radial inbound to the VOR.

Upon reaching the VOR, as the TO/FROM tag toggled, I made a 30 degree left turn and tracked outbound 30 seconds, then a 180 degree right turn and entered a one minute HOLD over the VNA VOR.  With a weather system converging on the area, winds at 2500 feet were about 10 knots out at the west.  Flying the Holding pattern on the 321/141 degree radial, I had to adjust time and crab angles to compensate for the wind in-bound and out-bound from the Holding fix (VNA).  After 5 or 6 circuits I had it about nailed down.

Departing the Hold, we flew out-bound on the 321 degree radial which is the VOR-A Approach at KPXE - descending to 2000 feet.    No. 1 Nav OBS (MCN) was set to 182 degrees.  Where these two VOR radials cross is the ELKON intersection.  Upon reaching ELKON, I descended to 1500 feet and turned the No. 1 NAV OBS to 195 degrees to mark the KATHE intersection.  Also made the initial traffic call position report to PXE, and turned on the runway lights at KPXE.  I was Southeast of KPXE, while there was another aircraft in-bound from the Southwest.  He was closer and would enter the pattern first. 

Upon reaching KATHE, I descended to 900 feet, made another position report on KPXE UNICOM, and removed the hood.  Just over the nose was the runway at KPXE, just like advertised. 

Entered a left Downwind for Runway 18 and completed the Circling Approach to runway 18 with a gentle, full stall landing.  Completed the touch-and-go and turned out East bound for return to Robins.  Contacted Atlanta Approach, who immediately switched us off to Robins Tower.
Robins tower requested we report Left Base for Runway 33.  Upon reporting Left Base we were given number 2 to land behind an U.S. Army C23 Sherpa who was already in the pattern and turning Right Base for runway 33.  It took awhile to make visual contact with the C23, but finally spotted him as he turned Base to Final.  I had intentionally stayed high (2000 feet) until I spotted the C23.  Being a gray day, and the C23 below our altitude, that gray C23 was difficult to pick out.  We turned final behind the C23 with a 12 knot crosswind and put another gentle, full stall landing in the book to complete the day. 

Another 1.5 in the book, another approach flown, and two nice landings - only actual IMC could have made it better.

1/9/2012 07:43:39 pm

Sounds like fun, Ed! At this point, I've done enough book learnin' to cover what you just did. One of these days, I'll get to put it into practice!

1/11/2012 11:05:03 am

Chris - I hope you get into this soon. The challenge is quite rewarding. You will like it. D.


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